Last week I met a frustrated landlord.  Actually, frustrated doesn't even describe it...she was devastated and downhearted that her tenants had "destroyed" her property.  She realized she wasn't cut out to be a landlord.  She wanted out, and she wanted out NOW.

Because we buy properties in any condition anywhere in Edmonton and area, we were able to make an offer on her house whereby we closed whenever she wanted and she didn't need to clean or make repairs.  This was a huge relief for her.

Had she been selling the conventional way, she would have had to sink about $40000 in to the property for repairs and cleaning.  This also would have meant it would be at least a month before she could even list the property for sale.  Then it would likely take a few months before the property was purchased and ownership changed hands, and all the while she would have carrying costs and no rent to cover those costs.

By selling to QD, she avoided all the hassle, worry, and expense of selling the traditional way.

As we signed the contracts, she said, "I wish I had known about you years ago."

It brings me immense satisfaction to know the service we provide is appreciated.  We look forward to helping many more sellers.  

What about you?

We settled a lovely Fort McMurray couple in one of our properties today. My PM assistant said by the time they were done the inspection, it looked like the husband was going to hug her.

All they left Fort Mac with was the clothes on their backs, their cat, and a photo of the the wife's parents. A lifetime of memories in ashes.

We hope they enjoy their new home and build a new life there.

And thanks, Michelle, for helping to make their transition easier.

The sluggish economy has a lot of people down, but it is no reason for your money to stagnate. IMGP2241 1024x682
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The properties are upgraded and gorgeous, will attract quality tenants for positive cashflow, and have excellent prospects for value appreciation.

And best of all, we do all the work. So sit back, relax, and let us make your money work for you.

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Yesterday my husband and I signed our revised wills.  It had been 10 years since we first drafted our wills, and they were woefully out of date.  Since then, we have purchased multiple rental properties in our personal names and created a thriving business.  The properties weren't really a concern as most people know how to handle them, but the business was.  

Who would run the business if we died? Who would be executor of such a complex estate with a blend of regular rental properties and lease option properties with scheduled future purchase dates, not to mention the multitudes of associated mortgages? I could not imagine my grief-stricken parents or brother attempting to wade through this mess shortly after my demise.  How horribly unfair to them it would be.

Then there are other questions that apply to every living person - what happens if I am incapacitated and unable to handle my personal, medical, and financial affairs?  Without direction, how can a loved one be expected to know when I would want them to "pull the plug?"

Well, we now have a plan in place.  We have a will, a personal directive, and a power of attorney. These will protect our children and our legacy, and make life easier for grieving family because they won't be required to make critical decisions without guidance.

I can rest about you?

Edmonton remains strong, especially compared to the rest of Alberta:

“Edmonton has begun 2016 with modest job gains — 1,000 new jobs in January 2016. Education, service and health-care sectors saw full-time employment gains while manufacturing and construction sectors saw full-time job losses,” says John Rose, the city’s chief economist, in a report issued after the January job data was released. “Overall, the Edmonton Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) has added approximately 27,500 positions year over year, which amounts to 3.7 per cent in annual job growth. Meanwhile, on an annual basis, jobs grew by 0.8 per cent at the national level and fell by 0.8 per cent at the provincial level.”

Read full article here.



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