“Landlords grow rich in their sleep without working, risking or economizing.”- John Stuart Mill, philosopher and economist

QD Makes it Easy to Invest:  Whether you would like to invest directly in Real Estate, or simply park your cash in a quality mortgage secured by Real Estate, we can help.

Why Invest in Alberta Real Estate?

Alberta has it all:

  • Diversified economy including: medical & scientific research, top-notch universities, and - of course - abundant natural resources and a plethora of related industry
  • Business-friendly government, encouraging economic growth through investment of both local and foreign businesses
  • Investor-friendly government, making land-lording easier and less risky
  • Investor-friendly banks, providing financing for property investment
  • Lower taxes (this point is self-explanatory)
Why Invest with QDHomeQuest?Dice

QD Has been successfully investing in residential real estate in Alberta since 2006.

We believe in Win-Win, meaning that we will make every reasonable effort to ensure you are satisfied with your investment and our performance.

We only make money if you make money.

We believe the security of your capital is paramount, and we balance risk vs. reward to suit your comfort level.

We do all of the work and bear all of the worry while you sit back and relax with the knowledge your investment is secure and hassle-free.

We proactively and effectively manage our properties for higher cashflow and greater potential appreciation, meaning higher potential ROI for you.

Why wait to invest in real estate? Contact QDHomeQuest today!