How can QDHomeQuest buy my house fast?

We buy houses fast in one of two ways: either we pay cash or we take over the existing financing.  Either way, we can close whenever you like a we tailor a solution to meet your unique needs.

How can selling to QD be better than using a realtor?

When you use a realtor:

  • you must keep the house ready to show and suffer the inconvenience of people traipsing through it
  • a realtor doesn't buy your house, and you have no idea when (or if) you will sell your house.  It could easily take 3 months or more, and the house may not sell at all
  • realtors charge hefty commissions
  • plus you could be facing mortgage prepayment penalties
When you sell your house to QDHomeQuest:
  • we buy houses fast and close whenever you like. You know the house is sold and you can stop worrying about if and when it will sell, or the possibility of foreclosure.
  • we can negotiate the purchase over the phone, and then meet you at the house to sign the papers.  You avoid the inconvenience and worry of months of showings
  • you save money on carrying costs, and avoid realtor fees and possibly mortgage penalties, potentially saving you a lot of money
Have other questions? 

We would be happy to answer your real estate related questions.  Simply submit a Contact form or call us at 780-756-4578.