This week we took possession of the frustrated landlord's property. After starting some of the required repairs, I reported our findings to the seller because she is considering suing the tenants for damages.

Although the carpets seemed to have been shampooed, they were beyond disgusting.  As we pulled up the carpet (which we had planned to replace regardless), the smell of urine became overwhelming.  Our staff was gagging and dry-heaving because of the intense odour.  There were several locations that were obviously the favorites of the pets (at least we hope it was the pets); these spots were completed saturated and the subfloor was heavily stained.  

A few bottles of environmentally-friendly disinfectant, and we are ready to install new flooring.

The seller was appauled, and yet relieved...relieved this house was no longer her problem and she could wash her hands of it.  

And I'm sure our staff washed their hands repeatedly.  ;)


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